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Winter in the U.S gives us a great excuse to travel to the Southern Hemisphere where it is summer, and chase the different species that Argentina has to offer.

Trout fishing in the central zone of Argentina gives you the feeling of what it must have been like to fish the Rocky Mountain West over 100 years ago. Pristine rivers, big trout and majestic scenery will leave you in awe of the majestic country.

Head the the southern most tip of South America and you encounter the prized Sea Run Brown Trout of the Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos. Tierra del Fuego, or the Land of Fire, is a must do for the adventurous angler. The lodges get booked well in advance, so it is never to early to start planning a trip to one of the most exclusive fisheries in the world.

In Northern Argentina, you can chase after the acrobatic Freshwater Golden Dorado. Somewhat new to the angling scene, the Golden Dorado, provides heart stopping action while fishing with large streamers and popping flies.

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