October 9, 2018

October 9th, 2018

We’re fully into fall here in Jackson, with snow on the peaks and some flurries here in the valley at the moment. Flows out of Jackson Lake and Palisades have both recently dropped, and fishing has been good! Most of the terrestrials in the region are done, but dry fly fishing is still a smart choice on many days. Streamers and nymphs have been the go-to option for most anglers, but small dries have still been productive as well. Anglers have been loading up on some of the usual fall patterns and have been getting great results.


Snake River: Flows out of Jackson Lake were lowered incrementally to winter levels (350 cfs) and the fish are holding under structure and in deeper runs. Most bugs on top are Mahogany Duns and Blue Wing Olives. When considering a nymph rig, many anglers are going with some color, like a Brillon’s Lucent PT Jig or a Red Copper John. And, streamer season has begun! Think big natural streamers under trees and behind rocks. The bigger fish are really keying in on streamers through deeper water.

South Fork of the Snake: The flows on the South Fork have also dropped, but not as dramatically as the Snake in Jackson Hole. They made another reduction overnight, down to about 5,300 cfs. Keep an eye out for hatches of BWOs and Mahoganies, but fooling fish with small dries can be a challenge. Nymph rigs with something like a Zebra Midge, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Two Bit Hooker are smart choices. If you get the itch, try some streamers, fall colors are a good bet.


Swing by the shop or give us a call if you have any questions about conditions, or need some ideas for flies or gear.