May 7th, 2018

May 7th, 2018

May is here and so is the runoff. With the warm temperatures these past few weeks, snow has continued to melt into our tributaries and rivers making them high and muddy. This runoff is a yearly thing and something to expect around this time. The good news is the quicker this snow melts, the more chance we will have for cleaner rivers earlier on in the summer. But don’t let runoff scare you away because there are still good options for fishing.

The South Fork, as of this morning, has been flowing consistently at 14,300 cfs and the Snake is at 7,260 cfs. The South Fork is a great option for spring fishing right now. There have been several guided trips on it lately with good results, nymphing still being the name of the game. Dam laps can be productive as well as fishing those riffles on your way down the river.

To give you an idea of what runoff’s doing, the upper stretches of the snake at Flagg Ranch, which flows into Jackson Lake, went from 1,500 cfs on May 4th to over 4,500 by May 7th. Further down river at Moose, where flows are impacted by the Buffalo Fork and Pacific Creek, it went from 5,500 cfs on May 4th to 7,200 by May 7th. This gives you an idea how fast snow is coming down the mountains with temperatures in the 70’s. Down in the canyon below the whitewater near Alpine it is flowing at 15,000 cfs. Stay tuned, runoff is only going to get more exciting and well keep posting updates.

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