May 16th, 2018

May 16th, 2018

The upcoming fishing season is fast approaching and the buzz is getting everyone in the shop excited. We are predicting another great summer and fall, with plenty of water to give us a long season. We have high hopes to be fishing the Snake much earlier than last year, so don’t hesitate to book your trip now. With the beautiful weather we’ve had this past week, snow is melting faster than expected BUT we still foresee another peak to happen relatively soon. River flows have been holding steady these past few days, which is great for fishing. The South Fork has been at 16,000 cfs the past five days below the dam and the Snake is at 4,600. We have had several guided trips on the South Fork in the past week, each with great reports of fishing. The Snake in Jackson is on standstill for fishing due to high, muddy water.

South Fork: Fishing on the South Fork has exceeded our expectations for this time of year. The water is off color and not summer time gin clear but the South Fork can fish off color, especially when flows remain stable. If you want to stay away from the crowds on the Henry’s Fork, which is a very popular spring fishery, head to the South Fork. Nymphing has been very consistent and hungry fish are even eating dries sporadically. Don’t be afraid to throw a big attractor pattern or some mayflies. For you streamer junkies, the bite has been inconsistent so keep switching patterns.

Snake River: The Snake is flowing! If you want to get a better perspective on what the conditions are like, drive over the Wilson bridge and you can see how much the river has increased in size and changed in color. If your look for something fun to do on the Snake this time of year, go run the white water in the Snake River canyon, it’s a HOOT!

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