March Fishing 3/26/19

March 26th, 2019

After a big winter of snow, many of us are looking to the rivers for a bit of pre-runoff fishing, and we have some good opportunities, but first our water situation for this coming summer looks terrific.  The Upper Snake River Basin has 111% of Snow Water Equivalent.  Flows out of Palisades Dam have been increased over the last week or so to account for anticipated flood control targets through April.  Current outflow is 7,000 CFS and Palisades Reservoir is currently 81% of capacity.  Flows out of Jackson Lake have remained steady at 775 CFS with no anticipated increase at this time.

Last week provided us some nice days in the 40’s that gave us a great opportunity to get out for some early spring fishing.  The South Fork has been relatively consistent, despite the flow changes.  Fish are stacked up in the likely holding water for some springtime snacks.  We found most fish to be eating small mayfly and stonefly nymphs, as we get warmer days, we should start to see some dry fly activity with midges and small baetis, but if you don’t see bugs on the water, stick to the subsurface game in slower holding water.  The Snake River has provided some fun afternoon fishing on our warmer days.  We are seeing some surface activity during the warmest parts of the days and the Cutthroat and Whitefish are always looking for a flashy nymph to eat.

We are offering guided trips on the South Fork and the Snake River,  and we have had success, the weather is the big factor, and with a week of 40’s predicted with scattered snow showers, it could be a perfect week to get out on the river.  Give us a call and we will get you out to satisfy your pre-runoff fishing fix.