July 2nd Fishing Update

July 2nd, 2014

The Season is upon us. Clear skies and warm weather is expediting the snow melt. We have still got a couple of weeks till the Snake is ready, but by the end of the month it should start fishing. We’ve had some positive feedback from some of our guides recently.  Although clarity is not optimal, we have had some success with tandem nymph rigs and streamers.

Over in Idaho, The South Fork is fishing great right now.  Flows have remained consistent for the past couple weeks at 13,300 CFS. The water color is a bit off color up on the Upper section, but we’ve had a great deal of success on streamers and tandem nymph rigs. Look to throw bigger beaded headed Pheasant Tails, pseudo mayflies, and maybe trail an emerger.  With the warm weather we have started to see some hatches and top water action. On the lower sections we are starting to see some Green Drakes as well as some salmon flies. Also PMDs, Parachute Adams, and other smaller dries could be effective. The fishing has been great and is a good sign for better fishing to come.

Down in Pinedale, The Green is a bit high and off color from all the rain and colder weather that came through last week. From what we’ve heard the fishing is starting to pick back up. From about 10 to 12 the dries are working. Bigger chernobyls and drakes have been very effective. If you like throwing streamers, right now Streamers off the banks can be good later in the afternoon. Get out there while the fishing is good, and stop by the shop for more information.