Green River – getting closer!

June 16th, 2012

It is going to be a fun year on the Green River.  This year we have more normal water conditions than last year and should see the Green fish very well after a few years of high water.  Currently the flows at Warren Bridge are 1,340 CFS, this is up a couple hundred cfs since earlier in the week.  The clarity is relatively good for this flow and this time of year.  The water is cold, we saw a 7 degree swing in water temps last week when we had that cold snap, so that stopped any significant bug activity.  There have been caddis and occasional stoneflies out and about, but no significant hatches.  As we get this warm weather the bugs should start and we can expect to see terrific Grey Drake and Golden Stone hatches.  You could fish it now and probally do well with a dry dropper rig, but it will get  a lot better in the near future.  Come see our new drake and stonefly patterns and get ready because the Green will be in it prime before we know it!