Green River – Entire Waterway

July 30th, 2011

The Green continues to be the best game in town. Flows have been consistant in the 1,500 range. The hatches have been phenominal this year. Grey Drakes, Golden Stoneflies, caddis, PMD’s and even the hoppers are starting. The spinner fall has been the fishes favorite time to eat consistantly, but they are always looking for a good looking meal coming their way. As the season goes on and the pressure is starting to be felt, the fish are getting a bit wary. Concentrate on seam lines, spots that provide some cover for the fish and the deeper runs. The guys at the shop have had some great days off fishing down there and are very impressed with what they have seen. Teh guides are really enjoying having ‘meetings’ in their office on the green, call us to experience the headwaters of one of the nations most unique watersheds.