Fishing season is here!

May 23rd, 2019

It’s a big weekend in the fly fishing world in the Jackson Hole area.  Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of Yellowstone National Park to the fishing season, Salmon flies are crawling around and are getting ready to do their dance on some area rivers and after a big winter everyone is getting their fishing gear tuned up for a summer on the River.  Our water situation for the summer looks very favorable.  Currently the Snake River in Jackson is in runoff and is dirty and getting bigger every day.  Flows out of Jackson Lake dam are 4,100 cfs and they are 6,300 cfs at Moose.  This is down a bit the last few days due to cold temps and inclement weather we had last week, expect flows to increase as the weather warms up.  The big news is coming from the South Fork of the Snake, it is clear, is flowing at an ideal rate and is fishing!  Flows out of Palisades Dam are ideal at around 13,000.  The Bureau of Reclamation expects to be able to keep flows at this relatively low flow throughout the runoff season while Palisades Reservoir fills.  Increases may be necessary later in June, but they are not expected to get much higher than 17,000 cfs.  This is ideal for fishing the South Fork as water covers lots of the gravel bars enhancing aquatic insect development, while not being too swift to wash away the bugs and displace the trout.  The river is still cold, but we have seen some really good days of fishing.  The majority of action has been on subsurface flies such as flashback pheasant tails, two bit hookers, lightning bugs, stonefly nymphs, and zebra midges.  Streamer fishing has been productive in the right spots with a slower retrieve getting more attention.  Yesterday Dean and Mark had some good dry fly fishing with a variety of small bugs.  Having the South Fork clear and at a good flow is a big treat this time of year.  Being on the river now, before the crowds and the bustle of the summer season, is nothing short of spectacular.  The river corridor is coming to life and not many people have an opportunity to experience this unique opportunity.  Here i’ll spell it out for you – GO FISHING!  Give us a ring to set up a guided trip or stop by the shop to fine tune your gear.


Flow update 5/24/19 – We continue to be stuck in a very wet and cold weather pattern, which has essentially stopped the snow melt.  In order to meet the water storage goals set forth by the Bureau of Reclamation, flows out of Jackson Lake Dam were reduced to 3,000 cfs and flows out of Palisades were decreased to 11,000 cfs last night, just after I wrote the above report.  With the changes in weather, expect small adjustments to out flow from these reservoirs over the next few weeks.  We still have just over 100% of Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) in the high mountains, so it is going to get interesting.