August 6th

August 6th, 2018

We’ve been having an excellent summer here at Westbank Anglers and are always eager to share our advice to set you up for a successful day of fishing. Streams and rivers of the Jackson Hole area have dropped and cleared making fishing conditions quite ideal. Dry fly fishing is still very effective and many fish are now looking for larger terrestrial bugs like hoppers, ants, and beetles! In the early mornings, streamer fishing has been working well and producing some very nice fish.

Snake River: Flows on the Snake river at Moose are now down to 3800 CFS and the water is looking very nice and clear. Larger fish are being caught more frequently now and have been caught on everything from streamers to big hoppers. Circus Peanuts, Fat Alberts, and Yetti Hoppers for your big dry’s; Purple Haze, Adams, PMD’s, and Moosetails, for fish requiring a more delicate approach to entice a rise. Trailing a dropper like a pheasant tail or lightning bug is a tried and true technique as well. As mentioned, streamer fishing on the Snake is only getting better and better. Come by our shop and I’ll show you a few of our favorites!

South Fork: South Fork fishing has been especially good in the early mornings as hot weather persists resulting in rising water temps throughout the day. Dry fly fishing, Streamer fishing and deep nymphing are all good techniques to try. For streamers we’ve done well using Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow, Galloups Boogieman, Peanut Envy’s, and Dungeons. Nymphing deep with Pat’s Rubber legs and a pheasant tail should get you into some fish too. Dry fly fishing may be best using Hoppers, ants, or the all mighty Circus Peanut! Fishing riffles can also be productive using Purple Haze or Adams. So get out there, have some fun and see what works best for you!

Green River

Early mornings are key for the Green River as water temps rise throughout the day. Get there at first light and fish it till the action subsides! Good Luck!