August 15th, 2018

August 15th, 2018

Mid August has brought with it excellent fishing on nearly every stream and river around! Larger fish are showing up on the Snake in good numbers and have been eager to chomp big dries and streamers. South fork fishing is in it’s prime as well, as hoppers and other terrestrials slip up and find themselves floating down river into the feeding lanes of big trout. Emerging mayfly and caddis are out daily providing fish yet another prime food source, and for the angler, a challenging dry fly opportunity. Small rivers and creeks in the area are in the same boat as many of the flies you’d use on larger rivers have been working on smaller streams as well.

Snake River

Flows on the Snake river have been steady and slowly dropping. Current flows at Moose read 2,590 CFS. Optimal fishing conditions have generally been early morning through mid afternoon while the water is still cool, but that’s not to say fish can’t be caught all day long. Hopper’s, beetles, and ants are out in abundance now and can be fun dry fly patterns to fish with. If the big bugs produce few rises, adding a small nymph dropper or secondary dry fly, like a parachute Adams, can be just the ticket.  Streamer fishing has been good too and can really track down some nice trout for you!

South Fork of the Snake

South Fork waters have been clear and flows have been consistent for the past few weeks providing us with optimal fishing conditions. Fishing big terrestrial bugs along banks with an added nymph dropper can be dynamite! Circus Peanuts, Yetti Hoppers, or Chernobyls can be a good lead fly and, when combined with a small secondary dry fly like the rusty spinner or hazy cripple, fishing can be excellent. Fishing riffles can be productive using smaller PMD patterns as well. As per usual, early mornings and late evenings are a great time to cast streamers.

 Green River

With lower flows and consistently higher water temperatures, fishing the Green River can be expected to be a bit slower. Fishing here is best in the early morning hours while the water is still cool and fish are more alert. Especially when fishing during warmer water conditions handle fish as little as possible and get them back to where they belong quickly.

For more local insight, flies, and gear; come in to see us at the shop on Moose Wilson Rd! We are still booking trips for late August and September now so if you are interested in a guided trip, contact us soon so we can ensure you a spot!