June 16th fishing report

June 16th, 2014

The Snake River is still high, and muddy while our run off is still in full swing. The best stretch on the Snake would be our tail water stretch dam to Pacific creek, where the flows out of Jackson Lake is at a steady 1,800 cfs.  The water is not clear, but is certainly not muddy, making it a decent option in the Jackson Hole area right now.

The South fork of the Snake is dropping considerably. I have heard multiple reports of good fishing on the South Fork this weekend. The most recent flow from the  Irwin Dam is a steady 13,300 cfs. This makes for high water, but very fish-able, and a great option for local anglers.  Our guides have been doing well on streamers, and  tandem nymph rigs.   I would say the South Fork is the best game in the area right now especially with flows and clarity starting to stabilize.

South of Jackson the  Green river is flowing at 2,410 cfs at Daniel Bridge with about 3 ft of visibility. It is running high, but still very fish-able at this point.  Cooler weather is predicted for early this week, so I would expect the flows to drop  for a few days.  The run off can be hard to predict in this area . Weather has a lot to do with what the flows will do, and the clarity all depends on the day.  With the water up over the banks at this flow the fish are holding very tight to the banks, almost in the grass.  Nymphing, and sometimes streamer fishing can be a good option on the Green  with the water at this level.