September 11th, 2016

The fishing on the Snake here in the Jackson Hole Valley continues to be the best fishing in the area. We have had a few nights of weather below 32 degrees which has kept the water temperatures between 55-60 degrees, great news for the fishing. With these cooler days we have been seeing that the fishing isn’t really picking up until about 9-10am, so no need to get a really early start. In terms of the quality of the fishing, not much has changed from our previous report, it has continued to be great. Fish are feeding on all types of mayfly imitations, size 14 and 16 seem to be the best sizes. Foam attractor patterns and hoppers are still working, wait to use these when the temperatures heat up in the middle of the day. When the clouds roll in look to use a dark colored streamer in those deeper holes and along deep slow banks. The forecast looks like we are going to see a few days of cool cloudy weather with some rain here and there. Don’t hesitate to tie on a hopper-dropper rig with a pheasant tail, prince nymph or pat’s rubber legs as the dropper. All in all the fishing has been and continues to be great. Look for conditions to change with the unsettled weather over the next few days.