Dean Burton

Hometown: Alpheretta, GA

Years Guiding: 24

Favorite River: South Fork of the Snake River and the Green River

What Do You Like to do During the Off Season?: Leave town and go somewhere warm

Favorite Rods & Reels: Scott G Series, Tibor Reels


After enrolling in a NOLS class for a semester in the Rockies, I fell in love with the Northern Rockies and all the activities they offered. After that I decided to move to Jackson Hole to enjoy the Mountains, Rivers and all the other activities availiable. I began guiding for Westbank Anglers in 1995, perfected the trout fishing program, then began going to the Keys during the winters. I earned my Captians license in 2000 and have been chasing the Tarpon ever since. I enjoy taking all types of people fishing; fishing is the easy part, I enjoy providing a good time and enjoyable setting for the day!

Recent Updates from Dean Burton


Dean’s January Update - (01/17/12)

Snow's coming!  Hopefully it makes people thirsty and they come see me in the Osteria, it will obviously be good for the upcoming fishing season in Jackson Hole to get some more of the white stuff!... [read more]


Born to fish! - (01/12/12)

I'm settled into my gig bartending at the Osteria between my fishing season in the Keys and Jackson Hole, can't wait to wet a line!... [read more]