Rivers and Tributaries Coming Into Their Prime

July 16th, 2018

We’ve had a great past two weeks of fishing. The first week of July offered us an unforgettable salmon fly hatch on the South Fork of the Snake in Idaho. Thousands of salmon flies hatched on the river and in the Swan Valley area, with fish ready and hungry to eat big bugs. On the Green River the drake hatch popped off, which for those who’ve had the chance to fish that river during this time know how great it can be for dry fly fishing. The drake hatch is slowly coming to an end but that means hoppers will soon come out. Big brown trout will sit on the banks under shade and if you can throw the right cast should attract some big fish. The Snake River in Jackson is coming into its prime and improving by the day. We’ve been floating the sections from the Dam down to the Wilson and are getting ready to start fishing lower down. There has been little pressure on the Snake and cutthroat are looking up for dry flies as well as chasing streamers. Pacific Creek, the Buffalo Fork, the Gros Ventre, Granite Creek and others are clearing up and ready to explore.  This is an exciting time for us at Westbank and we cant wait to see what the weeks ahead have in store