May 26th Jackson Hole Fishing Report

May 26th, 2014

Happy Memorial Day! Here at Westbank Anglers we hope you enjoyed your well deserved long weekend.

The Snake is still very high and muddy, while run off is well on its way .  The warm temps have certainly kick started the snow melt, and the Snake is growing as we speak.  In Moose the Snake peaked yesterday at right under 8000cfs, today it peaked right under 9000cfs. I would expect flows to continue upward the rest of the week.  So we are still far away from fishing our home river, however this current push of snow melt will certainly help speed up the process.

Yellowstone National Park opened this weekend, and there were a lot of people venturing out for opening day. The Fire Hole was definitely high and a little off color, but certainly fish-able. The lakes however still have plenty of ice on them, and it may be a couple of  days before those are completely iced off. This is still a fun time of year to head up to Yellowstone, enjoy our park, and wet a line.  There is plenty of water to explore, and fish to be caught.

The South Fork of the Snake is still running at a high level out of the dam, but people are catching fish with nymphs,and streamers. The SFK  is still a viable option to fish, and this can be a great time of year to dredge the deeper holes looking for some bigger trout.

We hope everyone had a great weekend, and we look forward to this upcoming fishing season. It is going to be a good one.  We are now open on weekends, so stop by the shop, and let us lead you in the right direction.

Go get em.