Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing Show

January 1st, 2012

Finally recovered from this weekends Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ. My voice, and liver, seem to be back in fine shape. This show is a sort of homecoming for me – seeing old friends, meeting new ones and getting all of the East coast food not available in the West. I also get to see the latest in fly tying from the world class tiers that exhibit at the show, pick up new materials and get a glimpse at most of the new products for 2012.


I would like to thank everyone who attended one of my presentations of fishing the Jackson, WY area. Made it another year without a single heckler! There were great turnouts, especially on Sunday, lots of enthusiasm about visiting the area and I was pleased with the quality of questions that were asked. Remember, please give me a call so we can help make your trip to the area as memorable as possible.


The amount of new tying materials at the show was almost staggering this year, along with the talent using them. I came back with a few new ideas that should slay some trouts on the Snake. As I like to say, Snake River Cutties will eat any fly, but they eat mine more. Ha! We will see, still alot of Winter to go, how the experimentation goes, but I think a few new patterns will make it in to my fly boxes for the upcoming season.

When I get back to Jackson, and the shop, I will be starting to add the new products of 2012 to the website, as well as reviews from some of our guides. While working in the Scott Fly Rod booth, I was suprised at the number of anglers who not only have not fished these rods, but really have never heard much about them. We were able to get them casting a rod after the wiggle test and they came back impressed with the lineup that Scott is offering. The A4, new for 2012, was a hit and at $375 it is going to be top selling rod for this year. They will definitely be in my boat if you would like to try one on your trip out here. It was disappointing that a few of the other major rod manufacturers were not present at the show – I guess they do not feel they need to meet thier customers, or just have nothing new to show you.


If you get a chance to visit one of the remaining Fly Fishing Shows around the country, do yourself a favor a check it out.